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Novedex XT

Novedex XT has been shown to help significantly increase natural testosterone production and minimize the production of any and all estrogens in the body. With its unprecedented 1-2 punch, this product could be the safest and most effective natural way to trigger a potent and sustained physiological response in order to gain lean mass, strength and endurance while helping to achieve that dry and ripped look.

BSN Lean Dessert Protein

BSN Lean Dessert Protein contains Bioactive Protein Utilization Enzymes that promotes optimum protein digestion and increases amino acid uptake by the muscles! BSN Lean Dessert Protein contains a Sustained Release Multi-Functional Micellar Protein Matrix which provides a precision release of quick and slow digesting proteins designed to encourage rapid muscle nitrogen retention followed by a controlled anabolic release of amino acids for up to 7 hours! This specially formulated matrix contains the 6 most complete and effective protein sources available for enhancing lean muscle tissue!


NO-XPlode is the world’s first and only pre-workout supplement that produces immediate results in energy, size, strength, pumps, performance, mental focus, and training intensity. You will literally see and feel NO-Xplode working within minutes of taking it! NO-Xplode has the unique ability to get you dialed in and pumped up for every single workout by inducing the strongest and most advanced nitric oxide, creatine, and body-mind stimulating surge ever developed in a supplement.

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Syntha-6 Extended Release Protein Blend is formulated with fast, medium and slow digesting proteins to sustain amino acid levels over a long interval, while increasing protein synthesis, and repairing damaged muscle tissue. It’s protein matrix consists of ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, Micellar alpha and beta case-ins, micro-filtered WPI, egg albumen, calcium caseinate, and milk protein concentrate. It is low in carbs and lactose, making it a good choice for individuals seeking sustained protein delivery to promote optimal rates of protein synthesis without a lot of extra fat and carbohydrate calories.


Axis-HT is a powerful patent-pending “2-Tier” formula designed to supportand enhance: Production of Testosterone and Related Androgens Production of Peptide Growth Factors (e.g., IGF-1)Overall Muscle Anabolism (growth) Muscle Size, Shape and Hardness, Muscle Definition, Vascularity Muscle Pumps and Fullness Physical Strength and Overall Performance, Loss of Body Fat Insulin-Dependent Anabolism, Nitrogen Retention, Replenishment of Glycogen stores, Recovery from Workouts, Workout-Specific Drive, Energy and Aggression Nutrient Partitioning (diversion of calories to muscle and away from fat) Sexual Drive and Performance (pro-erectile aphrodisiac effects).

Gaspari Super Pump 250

Gaspari Super Pump 250, unlike like typical, nitric oxide pre-workout products that seem to rapidly fade and fizzle after using them for a week, the effect of SuperPump 250™ tends to increase over time with regular use! SuperPump 250™ is not a pure “nitric oxide” product but an intelligently designed, myotrophic stimulant cocktail. Virtually everyone who tries SuperPump 250™ is an instant convert, because SuperPump 250™ makes you feel unbelievably good as well as highly motivated. SuperPump 250™ is loaded up with explosive energy and mental focus agents that act in synergy with its myotrophic catalysing agents. This means virtually everyone can train harder and longer than ever before while using Super Pump 250™.